What is Chat2024?

Chat2024 is an initiative by Delphi to increase the number of informed voters in the United States. With Delphi’s cloning technology, Chat2024 allows you to ask questions of and have conversations with 2024’s top presidential candidates. You can also use the “Ask” feature to ask a question or mention a topic (like Gun Control) to compare and contrast the opinions of different candidates.

These clones are not associated with the actual presidential candidates - they are merely trained on primary sources, such as youtube videos, interviews, and speeches, that involve each candidate

More features and elections coming soon. Stay tuned…

What is Delphi?

Delphi allows you, as a politician, creator, teacher, or CEO, to enable 1-1 personalized interactions at scale with your audience. How?

Delphi’s digital cloning platform can capture how you think, making your knowledge, experiences, personality, and opinions available to others, in a personalized way. With Delphi, you can scale your time, achieving immortality and making your knowledge and insights available to more people than ever before.
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